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Established in 1987, Biotechnology Training and Consulting (BT&C) originally focused on the training of pharmaceutical scientists in hands-on techniques in biotechnology. These training programs were held in conjunction with universities, colleges, and corporations, and employed over a dozen full and part-time faculty from the pharmaceutical industry. In 1991, the Biotechnology Training Institute was established as a permanent training facility. Over the next eight years, it hosted over 1500 administrators, executives, and scientists in courses ranging from basic biotechnology to peptide synthesis. Along with laboratory training, BT and C was requested to provide consulting, and contract services to sales and marketing groups of life science suppliers and distributors. This and other contract research activities steadily increased, and in 1998 replaced training activities at BT and C. Today, BT and C focuses on providing insight, technical support, and facilities for the development of products for life science laboratories.


Contract Research

BT&C, Inc., specializes in solving technical problems with creative solutions. Our experience in microbiology, molecular biology, and cell culture methods has been applied to a range of projects including DNA diagnostics and instrumentation for HTS. We actively work with engineers, life scientists, chemists, marketing managers, and corporate officers to fulfill their objectives.



BT&C, Inc. works actively with clients to help them grow their business by understanding and meeting customer needs. Our experience at science and marketing is used to identify opportunities and turn those opportunities into revenues.


OPS Diagnostics

Through BT&C's contract and in-house research projects, we have developed an excellent understanding of the products and services we have developed. Consequently, we are able to offer our clients these products with the added value of excellent technical support. We routinely help our clients' to apply these products in new and unique manners to overcome research barriers. We also help in the design of custom products.