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BT&C, Inc. has served as a CRO since 1989.  We have worked on many projects from the life science fringe to its core.  The experience gained through these projects has endowed us with a broad base of knowledge in the life sciences.  Our customers have been startup operations, major pharmaceutical companies, government labs, and even academic institutions.  No two projects have been the same, and in our opinion, that adds to the appeal of science.  Science is about understand and discovery and new and interesting projects allows us to "get into the work". 

Our skills and knowledge in the lab are broad, but not endless.  Broadly our expertise includes microbiology, with extensive experience with yeasts, molecular biology and methodology, and tissue culture methods and techniques.  Aside from viewing these as fields of interest, we apply the tools and techniques universally. 

During this time we come to know our strengths.  Projects that require a combination of science and innovation are where we excel.  Consequently, we are often employed to define new products or provide "proof-of-concept" for product development. Over the past two decades we have worked on large and small projects ranging from troubleshooting a child's toy to supporting efforts in medical device development.  The common elements of these projects was that they required innovation and science.  We approach our research with open minds and with the opinion that reasonable objectives can usually be attained.  Our success rate has been very good.

To provide a flavor as to our consulting we are providing several summaries for review. 

Measuring the harvesting of keratinocytes for wound healing

Finding a real use for cytophobic culture plates

Troubleshooting the biological degradation of a child's toy

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your needs and concerns.  Please call us at (908) 253-3444 or email us at  There is no cost to the consultation and any discussion will be confidential.

We have extensive experience in tissue culture.
Tissue Culture Research
Example: Keratinocytes growing from a skin explant

BT&C has vast experience in the design of assays using the polymerase chain reaction.
PCR Assay Development
Example: Detection of GMO sequences in soy