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BT&C Inc.

291 Route 22 East

Building 6

Lebanon, NJ 08833

TEL: (908) 253-3444

FAX: (908) 575-1660

BT and C's strongest asset is our ability to adapt current products to the specialized needs of our clients.  As we are scientists who provide contract research and product development services, we genuinely understand the scientists who call us asking for help.  We help to decipher the objective of our client and then work to adapt off the shelf products to meet the process need.  At times we will fill in the gaps in a process with a new product.

Two examples of customized products are as follows:

  • Single Seed Grinding Vial Sets - We received a request from a seed company to help them develop a method for dry grinding corn kernels for single seed analysis.  Using the Geno/Grinder 2000 as a starting point, we assessed different grinding options and finally concluded that 2" polycarbonate vials in a 4 x 6 format (i.e., 24 well format) would work.  We tested this method in collaboration with our client.  We supplemented the vials with a rack, a 24 pin magnet for removing grinding balls rapidly, and a magnet stand for dropping balls into the tubes and removing used balls.
  • Aseptic Freeze Drying - A client of our consulting group needed a means of freeze drying bacteria in vials and aseptically.  The concept for isolating the vials was easy to develop, but no product existed that solve our need.  We finally constructed a simple box and racking system that is prepared in a biosafety hood, frozen (with samples loaded), and attached to a freeze dryer through a port.  Using in-line filters, the whole process is aseptic.  This same format was found to be very useful in also freeze drying in microtiter plates.  A special rack was constructed for the plate that provides excellent heat transfer for the drying.  We developed this product for our client and then retained the option to sell it directly. 

This custom service lead to OPS Diagnostics, the sales side of our organization.  All the products listed on the OPSD Products page are products that we either developed or had a hand in evaluating and testing.  We therefore recommend these products with "first person" authority.



Vial Sets were customized for a seed company doing HTS of transgenic crops
24 Well Vial Sets
High throughput grinding in a 24 well format

Accessories can be made for custom products to increase throughput of screening
24 Pin Magnet
Rapid extraction of balls following grinding

Simplified and modified equipment can be considered a custom product
Aseptic Freeze Drying
Isolation of vials and microplates for freeze drying sensitive and biohazardous samples