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The science used in today's life science, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical laboratories is complex to the non-scientist.  It is also rapidly evolving, and companies that don't adapt will not experience the growth often demanded by stockholders.  However, the same science that might be difficult to understand can also be used to identify opportunities and growing markets. 

The science behind proteomics and genomics is easy to understand if presented correctly.  Scientists who teach this material often get so wrapped up in jargon that the average non-scientist becomes lost.  Avoiding the jargon and presenting technical topics in an easy to understand manner is the forte of BT and C.  BT and C has conducted over 400 continuing education training programs in the life sciences, and this was originally the heart of our business. Our students have ranged from upper management to manufacturing associates in a broad range of companies. We can develop and conduct customized training which will give you the tools to focus on growing your business by meeting the needs of customers and developing value-added new products.

As an example, say there is an opportunity to acquire the rights to manufacture and distribute a new research kit for microarrays.  However, this area is new to your company which has traditionally been involved in older technology products.  You don't understand microarrays (or even know what they are aside from the buzz) and your marketing group has no feel for the market.  What we can do is 1) explain the technology, 2) identify the players, and 3) show real data as to where the market has been and where it might be going. 

We have been involved in our own product development and business growth in the biotechnology market, thus we understand what companies need to grow in new arenas and markets. 

Customized Training and Educational Programs (Sanitarian course, BMS Course)


BT&C offers biotechnology training to sales and marketing professionals

The number of citations for microarrays, 1999-2004.

You pick the topic and we will organize the training and it make understandable.  We look forward to hearing from you. Email us at or call 908-253-3444.


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Training in biotechnology for marketing and sales professionals
applications of genomics


Tissue culture provides a living environment on which to test drugs
cell-based assays


Molecular biology can be used in many fields, from healthcare to industrial processes

recombinant technologies, moving from DNA to protein