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BT&C, Inc. is a consulting and contract research organization specializing in creatively applying science. For over 20 years we have not only helped our clients in the laboratory, but we have repeatedly supported management, sales, and marketing teams by gathering and analyzing data, and by deciphering the science.  This has lead to a wide variety of projects, ranging from training non-scientific personnel to temporarily managing companies.  An example of our work can be seen here.

BT&C not only does science, but we are active in product development, marketing, sales, and manufacturing via OPS Diagnostics.  We understand science, development , manufacturing, and distribution.  BT&C uses its resources to help clients assess the needs of scientists and develop products to fulfill those needs. We actively apply the product development cycle to the identification and development of new products and services.

Dr. David Burden actively consults for manufacturers and suppliers of life science products by providing them marketing services as to the use of products in the laboratory and needs of scientists. He recently served as Acting Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Revco Technologies, as well as headed their Scientific Advisory Group. He has supported numerous companies over the past decade in the development of technologies and identification of markets. He has marketing services to laboratory equipment, diagnostic, consumable, and instrumentation companies.

Training for Non-Scientists

BT&C was founded due to the need for life science continuing education. Corporations have relied on BT&C to re-train technical staff and provide science training to non-scientists. Our ability to convey technical topics to management in an understandable manner has drawn praise from many executives over the last 15 years.  Courses can be compact or designed to be modular to spread the educational process over many weeks as opposed to overloading students in short periods

Identifying, Quantifying and Validating Product Opportunities

At BT&C we apply science to our market services to determine the size of markets and for validating new product ideas.  Most product ideas are generated with little customer input and lack the quantitative information to determine whether company resources should be dedicated to the project. We use proprietary methods and our understanding of science and laboratory methods to help identify opportunities, and then provide a basis for market size and sales estimates. We can also show product potential as it relates to trends within niche markets helping you to avoid “pie-in-the-sky” estimates.

Knowledge of scientific research is a powerful marketing tool

Example: Growth of Microarrays

(actual data)

Application Development and Technical Support

Our forte is lab work to clarify the value of ill-defined products.  We specialize in microbiology, molecular biology, and cell culture, and those skills are applied to current and new products to develop white papers, application notes, and training manuals. Once we understand your product, we can then serve as technical support to support sales reps and solve customer problems.  Few CROs provide these types of marketing services.

Scientific Writing

Scientific writing is more than simply understanding jargon.  It is a process of taking complex and often difficult to understand information and making it readable.  Good writing is difficult and our writers can look at technical information from the position of a layman and convert the information into easy to understand text. Most scientists want manuals and application notes that don’t require deciphering. BT&C can improve and simplify your documentation.

Concept Testing and Proto-Type Development

A product idea is only a concept until it becomes a tangible item. BT&C can help in making proto-type products, whether kits or equipment. We use our laboratory to validate the product during development and then employ a network of support groups to manufacture early stage products. We can help you get proto-type products into the hands of users in minimal time.

Biotechnology - Proteins to PCR is an example of non-technical writing on a technical topic

BT&C staff wrote a laboratory text on protein purification and cloning that sold over 8000 copies.

New Product Development

Adding up our services, BT&C is more than a contract research organization but can serve as a virtual product development group by generating novel and validated biotechnology products, and then moving those concepts through a gate process to become products. We work quickly with little bureaucracy to ensure this process is cost effective and responsive to rapid changes in the marketplace.

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Analysis of scientific literature provide real information about product trends

ID Markets and Validate Potential


Scientific writing should be simple, clear, and lacking of jargon


Scientific Writing



A contract research organization providing marketing services for product development of biotechnology products for the laboratory

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