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BT and C, Inc. can provide product development services or serve as a virtual product development department for new products and new technology. BT and C is a cost-effective alternative for companies which need scientific expertise and facilities in biotechnology but are hesitant to make the costly investment. We serve as a source of scientific contract research while specializing in helping laboratory product suppliers identify and develop successful new products and services for scientists. For the past 14 years BT and C has helped its clients to better understand the life science market and to develop products that successfully meet the needs of scientists. BT and C supplies the combination of scientific expertise and market knowledge that is vital to the product development cycle.

BT and C offers a wide variety of product development support, including the identification of potential new products and subsequent development of those products. We also assist in generating literature, notes, and sales materials and in the implementation of the actual marketing.  Our focus is in biotechnology and the life sciences.

Example: The SPEX CertiPrep Cryostation

The Cryostation, developed in conjunction with SPEX CertiPrep, allows researchers to handle and prepare tissue samples for RT-PCR experiments without loss of RNA due to the thawing of samples.  This product was developed with input from researcher and a prototype unit was constructed and tested within weeks of the conception of the product idea.  This product is needed yet simple and helped to bring a traditional laboratory products company more towards the new technology areana.   BT&C offers rapid product development services for biotechnology related products using existing and new technology.

BT and C also provides a range of laboratory services. We have scientific expertise in cell culture, biological separations, assay development, diagnostics, and molecular biology. BT and C assists with applications for existing products and in the development of prototypes. We also assess competitor products and help to determine product specifications. 

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BT&C has participated in the development of numerous laboratory products.  Here are several examples: