Cryogenic Workstation For Handling Liquid Nitrogen and Cryogenic Freezer Samples

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The Cryogenic Workstation is a cryogenic freezer powered by liquid nitrogen for the manipulation of samples and frozen tissue The Cryogenic Workstation represents a simple approach to solving an old problem...  keeping cryogenic freezer samples cold while handling and processing.  The Cryogenic Workstation is a versatile tool used to keep samples cold, either during processing or during temporary storage.  The workstation consists of a recessed well that is surrounded by a sealed chamber that houses liquid nitrogen.  The workstation is charged with liquid nitrogen before use where it maintains temperatures below -170C on one charge for well over an hour.

This workstation has a position for two cryogenic freezer boxes (standard 5" x 5") so that vials and frozen tissue can be handled and manipulated without fear of warming.  This station is excellent for organizing culture collections and cryogenic samples.  One charge with liquid nitrogen will keep the Cryogenic Workstation cold for hours.

The Cryogenic Workstation is also useful for the preparation of frozen tissue for homogenization.  An aluminum cutting board provides a surface for cutting and dissecting frozen tissue without tissue thawing.  A deep well plate or tubes can be kept cold and used to hold samples during preparation.  The workstation also serves as a rapid cryogenic freezer as dissected tissues can be placed on the aluminum board for rapid freezing.