Freeze Drying Reagents for Microorganism and Protein Lyophilization

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OPS Diagnostics is excited to offer three new and novel products that help simplify freeze drying.  These products are pre-formulated excipients/lyoprotectants provided as sterile liquid reagents.  The Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer is a BSA-free formulation with properties far superior to sucrose and skim milk.  The protein Lyophilization Reagent (2X Concentrate) is formulated for protein stability and provides superb caking properties with properties exceeding other protein stabilizers.  The Freeze Drying Indicator solution is based on the 2X Concentrate but with an added indicator that turns color upon drying.  The indicator is an excellent tool for monitoring the lyophilization process, for mapping freeze drying within a chamber, and for assessing the freeze drying process within individual vessels. 

  Freeze Drying Indicator helps to monitor protein lyophilization

Freeze Drying Indicator in action.  The blue sample is dry while the pink sample contains more than 2% moisture.

Lyophilization Reagent is composed of protein stabilizers and matrix agents

Lyophilization Reagent (2X Concentrate):  500 ml ($55) 

This clear solution is designed to simplify protein lyophilization.  It is composed of a mixture of a matrix (caking agent) and lyoprotectant, that when mixed act synergistically to provide a solution with a high eutectic point, solid matrix, and excellent protein stability.  It is prepared as a 2X concentrate that can be used as is, or mixed in equal concentration with a sample.  Mixing the 2X Concentrate with buffers may require a reassessment of freeze drying parameters.  Lyophilization Reagent is sterile filtered and bottled aseptically. It is provided in 100 ml and 500 ml PET bottles.

Freeze Drying Indicator helps to measure water loss from samples ensuring optimal protein stability

Freeze Drying Indicator500 ml ($58) 

This colorimetric indicator reagent changes color during the freeze drying process giving the user a real-time measurement of dryness.  This formulation combines the protein stabilizers with an indicator dye.  It can be used in parallel with the standard reagent to show when freeze drying is completed.  This indicator reagent should be run along side of critical samples and not used as the lyoprotectant itself (protein lyophilization with the indicator should be discarded). This reagent is also useful for mapping and validating freeze dryers.  The reagent can be used as a visual tool for operational qualification of large and small freeze dryer units. It is filter sterilized and aseptically bottled in 100 ml and 500 ml PET bottles.

Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer is a superior formulation for lyophilizing bacteria

Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer: 500 ml ($112) 

The Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer is evolved from a standard solution described in the ATCC lyophilization manual.  To use, cultured microorganisms are mixed with the buffer and simply freeze dried.  Viability of bacteria in this buffer is over 90%, far exceeding methods relying on sucrose and skim milk.  This product is sterile filtered and aseptically filled  in 100 ml and 500 ml PET bottles.