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High Throughput (HT) Homogenizer         NOW AVAILABLE!

The HT Homogenizer is the smallest, most powerful linear motion homogenizer available.  It is also the least expensive costing over $5000 less than comparable models.  This unit was designed specifically for laboratories that require high throughput homogenization of samples in a microplate format while limiting well-to-well variation.


HT Homogenizer is small, powerful and less expensive than other microplate homogenizers

Cryogenic Tissue Homogenizer - The CryoGrinder              NOW AVAILABLE!

This product is a motorized mortar and pestle for cryogenic grinding of heat sensitive samples.  The mortar is a specially designed porcelain/zirconium composite that is chilled in a liquid nitrogen reservoir.  Samples placed in the tubes are frozen to -195C before homogenization.  A motorized wrench powers the porcelain/zirconium pestle that has been adapted to fit a 1/4" hex wrench.  Multiple samples can be processed rapidly by easily changing grinding pestles.  Liquid nitrogen keeps samples cold for up to five hours when used with the CryoCooler.

Lyophilization Reagents for Freeze Drying Proteins and Microorganisms      NOW AVAILABLE!

OPS Diagnostics is excited to offer three new and novel products that help simplify freeze drying.  These products are pre-formulated excipients/lyoprotectants provided as sterile liquid reagents.  The Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer is a BSA-free formulation with properties far superior to sucrose and skim milk.  The Lyophilization Reagent (2X Concentrate) is formulated for proteins and provides superb caking properties with excellent lyoprotectant characteristics.  The Freeze Drying Indicator solution is based on the 2X Concentrate but with an added indicator that turns color upon drying.  The indicator is an excellent tool for monitoring the lyophilization process, for mapping freeze drying within a chamber, and for assessing the freeze drying process within individual vessels.

Microwell Plate Stability Chamber            NOW AVAILABLE!  

The edge effect that plagues cells cultured in 96 well plates and edge wells of immunoassays is no more.  Research performed in our lab on the edge effect in cell-based assays led to the development of this product.  This chamber provides microplates with a constant temperature environment and high humidity, both of which are critical to creating a consistent environment.  This chamber is not an incubator, but an insert for an incubator.  Thus, current incubators can be converted into high stability chambers for culturing cells in 96 well plates and performing plate assays in a homogeneous environment.

Cryogenic Workstation                             NOW AVAILABLE!

The Cryogenic Workstation represents a simple approach to solving an old problem...  keeping cryogenic samples cold while handling and processing.  This liquid nitrogen chilled station has a position for two cryogenic boxes (standard 5" x 5") on a platform chilled down to -196C.  Vials can be handled and manipulated without fear of warming.  This station is excellent for organizing culture collections and cryogenic samples.

The Cryogenic Workstation is also useful for the preparation of tissues for homogenization.  An aluminum cutting board provides a surface for cutting and dissecting frozen tissue without tissue thawing.  A deep well plate or tubes can be kept cold and used to hold samples during preparation.

This Cryogenic Workstation is charged with liquid nitrogen before use.

Products Developed In-House by BT&C/

OPS Diagnostics

Freeze drying indicator shows progress of lyophilization of proteins and more
Freeze Drying Indicator



High throughput homogenization can be automated to simplify processing

HTS Magnets


Grinding media for cell and tissue disruption - glass/silica beads, zirconium beads, and stainless steel grinding balls

Grinding Media


For the freeze-drying of microwell plates or aseptic processing of vials.

Aseptic Freeze Drying Unit